why webServices are synchronous in most of the times

Hi Folks !!!

I know there are few reasons why webservices are sysnchronous like

  1. As client has a continuous connection to server, if there are any problems/time out happens then client can easily catch those.
  2. Most of the times client should respond to server based on the response given by server

Can anyone please tell me what other technical reasons forcing us to opt synchronous on top of Asynchronous …


I guess the most simple answer would be why and when the client wants the response. Usually, clients want response of one service to be fed to another service or for further processing and synchronous services server the purpose.

Even if services are asynchronous, clients usually ask for a synchronous acknowledgement.

If a service is not processing intensive(e.g. batch processing), the services mainly will be synchronous.

Yes synchronous widely used because (client need quick response back for their request coming in)
async - no immediate Ack needed and regular processing continues and you can send ack back after some time or never or delayed time.

So based on the above you can techinically correlate when one is needed over the other.