why the result type of getNumericResult is not Number

Hi everyone ,
when i test how many results are returnd ,using the code :
var num =QueryResult.getNumericResult;

but the result type is not a Number(regardless the real result is many or null), is like this:
function () { var node = this.DOM.selectSingleNode("//xql:result"); if (node && node.firstChild.nodeType==NODE_TEXT) return(new Number(node.firstChild.nodeValue)); return(Number.NaN); }

why ?is api’s bug??

how can i to judge the rusult number?


I hava find another way to judge whether hava a result returned.

I think the intention of getNumericResult is if you expect just a SINGLE number as the result. For example it is possible to perform queries taht will only return a single number (e.g. count(*)). This also applies to getBooleanResult - except for booleans of course.