Why power bi widget is not available in the Cockpit app after installation?

*Product/components Cumulocity 1016.0.316

I installed the PowerBI Plugin at Administrations → Ecosystems → Applications → Packages . Check below image-01

But If I search the power bi plugin in my Cokpit Application for adding the widget I don’t find there. Check below image-02.

why this widget is not available in the Cockpit app after installation ???

is there any step I missed, please guide ?

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it’s these steps needed to make it appear in your Cockpit:

  1. Install the Package (your screenshot tells that you already did)
  2. Clone the Cockpit (this needs to be done only once, not per Plugin. Once cloned you can assign multiple plugins to this Application)
  3. Assign the Plugin to your Application

The GIF at the end of this article are showing the steps needed: link


Thankyou @Korbinian_Butz cloning cockpit again worked for me. Thanks for sharing the detailed steps. :heart:

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