Do i need to implement the below solution using Process model if Yes then plz provide some reasons?

  • Getting a file(file pooling) having huge records (For example: 1000000 counts)
  • Converting records to flat file values(using flat file dictionary, schema)
  • Inserting into a table(BatchInsertSQL)
  • Performing business logics using stored procedures.
  • Publishing the aggregated values to the target Outbound process model(Have only one proces model as of now).

Or tell me in what scenario we should go for process model stuff?

Here my $0.02…
As far as i’m concerned, business process are most popular to have e2e visibility, stream line the process and find out any bottlenecks in the process easily by having proper SLA and KPI etc.

when it comes to your scenario, it seems to be data integration than process eccentric, for this BPM is over kill however in my experience we did implement models for even Data eccentric scenarios that is because we were needed visibility, tracking and re-submission, i also recall we never fetch whole data onto Process Engine rather we confined those in db and just had wrapped up with process, so it is upto you what’s important for you and your business.