Why another user is able to unmask data in Action test section?

Applies to
webMethods_io Integration Free Forver trial


In minute 3:40 of this video
webMethods_io Integration Essentials (E617-3121) ->Core->4. Workflows (Deeper Dive)->Data Masking when testing actions

it is stated:
If in Action Test section I will mask the data and I will share the workflow with someone else, then the user who imports this workflow will not be able to unmask it.
I did this test:
-In Free Forver trial, I created a simple workflow with a parameter and Logger step, paramter is written to Log data in this step.
-I selected “Mask all” in Inputs tab
-Then I exported this workflow
-Another user with different environment and different e-mail addres (different free forever subscription) then imported this workflow
-This user is able to Unmask Inputs and see the data

Please, provide a scenario where it is not possible to unmask data

Grzegorz Wilanowski

Hey Grzegorz.

Thanks for raising the question.

When you export a workflow, the parameters are listed, and at that point you can set them to a default value, versus exporting them with the actual value you’re trying to mask, which means you can give someone the workflow, but they will have to set the parameter value to something useful.

Also, if you mark the parameter as a password, this is masked regardless, and will not be displayed, but again, you can even change this on export, which I would also recommend.

Hello Dave!
I understand the scenario for parameters as you describe but there is an option to also mask the input and output data of an action.
I have tried to use this setting to mask data during runtime without success.
If the setting is only applicable during the test of actions and anyone can unmask it I don’t see how or when it should be used.
Do know in which scenario the “mask data”-setting should be used?

Best Regards,