Which adapter?

I have classic ASP pages that use ADO to insert, update, and delete records in SQL Server database. Now, I need to use WebMethods to achieve this. Can anyone suggest a simple and quick implementation? Thank you in advance.

You can use JDBC adapters to perform all the DB opeations on MYSQL.
Create JDBC adapter services/ wrapper services and invoke them in you calling pages.


Hey Devexpert,

Thank you for the reply. But the web forms talk to Microsoft SQL Server. Also, I want to the ASP pages call the adapter service when a form is submitting. Any suggestion?


If the ASP are kind of a frontend for the database you should confirm that using webMethods here is the correct pattern, as webMethods is mainly intended for integrating application or providing webservices (in my opinion).

If this is the case:

  • the webMethods jdbc adapter supports MS SQL server, so this is no problem.
  • one way to use the ASP is providing webservices using webMethods and let the ASP call the webservice
  • you may also think about my webMethods CAF to provide the user frontend. webMethods Designer generates webService calls and basic frontend for IS services automatically which may be enhanced afterwards.

I should state it clearly. What I want to achieve is to create a web service, which is like Microsoft ADO, use connecting string to select, update, and delete data in a database on Microsoft SQL Server. Any suggestions are welcome. Please give details.
Thank you in advance.

It would help you to read webmethods webservice developer guide and JDBC adapter user guide. Following are the steps you can use:

  1. Create JDBC adapter connection in webMethods to connect to MS SQL DB
  2. Create adapter services to do update, delete, insert etc
  3. Create wrapper services which would accept input call adapter services and return outputs
  4. Expose these wrapper services as Provider webservice
  5. You can use the webservice endpoints/export the wsdl file from webMethods developer and use it in ASP to invoke the webservice on webMethods.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, pritam r w.
What you explained helps. I wish to tell you more about what I want to do. I have some HTML forms on classic ASP pages; it posts data to itself or another ASP page, which an instance of ADO interact with an SQL Server database using query strings wrapping these data from the form. So, a web service/web services I need here can take in all data in string type posted by a HTML form, then talk to SQL database with these data from the form. The web service must take the string input from the HTML form when it submits.
Any suggestion? please in detail. Thank you in advance.

You can achieve this in the wrapper services I mentioned in Step 3. These services can have input as String variable which will have the query string passed from the html/asp page.

Thank you.
Can you please explain more about step 4) and 5)?

Since we don’t have the EntireX Adapter, can anyone tell me what I can use and how to create a Wrapper Service to achieve these?

  • Accept data from an ASP page
  • Pass the data to JDBC adapter service
  • Retrieve data from JDBC adapter service
  • Return the data to the ASP page

Thank you in advance.