Where to store my details which can be modified in UI

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Cumulocity Production

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Hi, I have a use case where I need to update my details and I want it to update through UI to reduce the downtime of my application. What we are doing right now is we have multiple microservices deployed, now if we have to make some changes we have to make the change in the code. For example, I have a few people to who I need to send an email, later if I have to add anyone else I have to again modify the code and redeploy it to multiple environments. Can you please suggest me a possible way where I can store my data in cumulocity and modify it on the UI?

Note: I have multiple and different types of data, it could be alarm types, different people on the email list, etc I want to store everything in one place and I can modify it at once in UI.

Hope you understood my problem and could provide an efficient solution for this.

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Some options you could look into:

  1. You can store your configuration as properties on a certain MO and use the Asset Property Widget to show and change them in a Dashboard. Tristan explained this here recently.
  2. You can look into the Digital Twin Manager. Originally it is about managing Assets, their properties and the relationships between them. But nothing stops you from modelling your Service as “Asset Type” and define it’s configuration within the Property Library. Link
  3. Your Service could use a Device so that you can use the Text- or Filebased Configuration which is available within Device Management. Link
  4. Your Service can use Tenant Options for configuration. However, currently there is no UI available to manage them. It’s rather simple key/value pairs, so implementing a UI Plugin shouldn’t be the biggest deal I guess. API Link

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