Where to download Tamino X-Application?


Can anyone please tell me where I can download Tamino X-Application? Also do anyone knows whether Tamino X-Application will work with Tamino


Hi Jay,
unfortunately, X-Application does not support Tamino 4.4 anymore. Some things have changed internally, e.g. the cursor handling, so that it will not work (I tried it out myself :(), sorry. I doubt that it is still available on the web side.

Hi Jay. I believe that it will not work with 4.4 but we have it if you want. Zipped, X-Application is almost 20MB and it’s “Webservices” another 5MB.
Do you have any place where these files could be sent to?

Hi Daniel,

If possible can you email it to me on jay.ahir@gmail.com. If not you can upload the files to free file sharing website like www.sendthisfile.com or www.megaupload.com


I will go to this website too Jay and check it out.