Where do I get the Fragment and Series names for methods relying on the Web SDK

Hi Lucas,

was this template already used and you have such measurements in your tenant?

In general, measurements are following a specific structure that foresees each measurement value to be embedded within a fragment and a series (often the fragment is being used for classification purposes and the series as measurement-name).
In this example "c8y_Steam is the fragment, “Temperature” the series and “c8y_TemperatureMeasurement” the type:

  "source": {
    "id": "251982"
  "time": "2020-03-19T12:03:27.845Z",
  "type": "c8y_TemperatureMeasurement",
  "c8y_Steam": {
    "Temperature": {
      "unit": "C",
      "value": 100

You’ll need to have 1..n fragments with 1..n series per fragment in your measurement. Each series needs to contain exactly one value attribute. See measurement-design in this domain model article for more info.

If you have produced these measurements already:
Use this API Endpoint to query your devices measurements. GET /measurement/measurements?source={your device id} should reveal the structure how your measurements are stored - including the fragments/series names. You can import the openApi spec to any REST Client (e.g. Postman) to do these queries. From your screenshot I would expect fragmentName is “mode” and series “bariatric”.

Another REST Endpoint that might be of interest is this one to retrieve all supported measurement fragments and series of a Managed Object