where are the Published Documents


I validated and published a document to the Broker by using Pub.publish:publish.

I am wondering where did this document go. Where can I check to see if the Broker received this document or not.


It goes where all documents that are published to the Broker without a subscription trigger go, the great beyond. :smiley: It other words it just gets discarded. I suggest reading the Building Integrations Solutions Using Publication Guide. It is located the the developer/docs/guides directory of your 6.0.1 installation. If you are using 6.5 it is called Publish/Subscribe Development Guide.

You’ll find your document at the local newspaper stand or book store. That’s where things go when they are published.

:smile: Thanks that answers my doubt, Will go through the Doc for more details.


In the Document I read that “if there are no subscribers for the document, the Broker sends an acknowledgement to the publisher and then discards the document”. where and how do we check this acknowledgement?