Whats the database being used behind the Operational Data Store of Cumulocity

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level are you on?

Cumulocity Iot Latest

Is your question related to the free trial, or to a production (customer) instance?

Free trial

What are you trying to achieve? Please describe it in detail.

In which database does cumulocity stores its data and is there any other way to access the data apart from the cumulocity APIs

Cumulocity uses MongoDB internally. There is no API to access db directly.
What are trying to achieve?

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Hi Nick,
Thank you for your response. I just want to know if there is any other way to access the database of cumulocity other than the rest apis provided.

Hi Samanyu,

no, for security and data consistency reasons there isn’t. But you can offload the data using the data hub to any data lake and use any SQL client to work with the offloaded data.

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