What is the latest JVM that we can run with WM 6.5?

We’re planning on installing another instance of WM 6.5 on some new Sun Solaris T2000 servers and I have been asked by our Unix team whether or not we can run Java version 5.

Just for your information. I asked support as recently as April 2006 regarding JVM 1.5 and got this response from support.

“WebMethods 6.5 currently does not support JVM 1.5 and hence we do not recommend upgrading to JVM 1.5 at this point of time. There is a Feature Request open for this, requesting to add support but I do not think JVM 1.5 will be added to support until the next webMethods release which would eventually be 7.0.”

-randy n

You can find the supported platforms and JVM’s for each product in the “webMethods System Requirements” document or in the relevant section of the installation guide that corresponds to your release. These will be in the bookshelf under the installation area. For IS, the latest JVM supported is 1.4.2. I beleve the previous post is correct about support for 1.5 slated for the next major platform release.

hi webmethods 6.5 its supports only jvm 1.4 only.not supprot 5 or 6 versions.its clearly mentioned in pdfs