What is the difference between SOAP RPC and SOAP Message interms of implimentaion.


I have a configusion over SOAP RPC and SOAP Message, Could any one share simple example for these? I badly need this thing. Simple “Hello” message is engoug for me. When WSDL is generated ,what is the basic diffence between these two things?

Lakshmana Kumar Yeddu

The PDF documents available in the _documentation/guides folder or /Developer/docs/guides folders include a Soap Developer’s Guide and a Web Services Developer’s guide that might get you started.

You can also find tons of information in Google on this topic.

Focus your efforts on Soap Document/Literal (aka Soap-MSG) style as Soap-RPC is not compliant with the Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) basic profile 1.0 or later.

IS 7.x still support SoapRPC, but you should not use it if interoperability between consumers and providers using different tools or soap stacks is a goal.

Read the ‘sticky’ posts in the SOA Service Development forum for more examples.