what is the Client && ClientGroup for the Publishing Flow Service

Hi All,

      when i publish a IS DOC to Broker using a flow service,what is the Client and Client Group?

               Thanks in Advance

Your question is not clear. Can you Elaborate the problem you are facing?

Hi All,

     I am having one service [B]publishCustomerData[/b],which is used to publish IS Doc to the Broker.My Question is

  what are the Client and Client Groups for the [B]publishCustomerData [/b]service?

 In case of Subscription,[B]Trigger[/b] is the Client to the Broker.

  Plz Correct me if I am wrong.

There is no Client and Client Groups for the publishCustomerData service.

By default the IS will user “IntegrationServer” client group. The client will be the trigger name which is subscribed for the broker document.