What is the best practice to Raw Device?


I have a two question and I think there can help me.

  1. What is the best practice to implement Raw Device on ADABAS 3.3.2 or other version?

  2. I have a database with raw device of 4GB size ¿Can I do increase the size to 8GB? My storage is hitachi.


What’s your OS?
What’s your container size and blocksize?
Of course you can increase the size of raw device, but It depends on your disks configuration.


General hints for raw devices:

  1. Use OS command to create raw device, aware of the block size selection. It always depends on your record size

  2. Set the permission to raw device (e.g. owner: sag, read-write)

  3. Use adabas utility “ADADEV” to initialize the raw device

  4. Determine ASSO,DATA,WORK containers blocksize (every I/O is done on block level)

  5. Use adabas utility “ADAFRM” to create database

Do you have a real need to go with raw disk ? File system is now just as fast as raw disk than in the past OS and a lot easier to manage.