what is 'scope' in property panel

Can anybody explain in detail about that ‘scope’ i.e in property panel ?

Hi Kanna,

The name of a document (IData object) in the pipeline to which you want to restrict this step. If you want this step to have access to the entire pipeline, leave this property blank.

You might want to refer to Developer documentation for more information


Yes please review the “Developer user guide” for more information on this topic…It should cover it:


Instead of referring dev guide refer the following

most of the things are covered in the documents but not clearly.

Saravanan S

Hi Chakri & RMG,

That i also knew. If i’m clicking on the scope means it will show that whatever you have mentioned below. I’m asking how to execute the scope?

Can you rephrase what you’re looking for? “Execute the scope” doesn’t make any sense.