What is GEAR?

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Can any one tell me what is GEAR…

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It gives the overview on Auditlog and Exeption Handaling process and logic behind this.

GEAR addresses far more than just audit log and exception handling. Visit advantage.webmethods.com to view GEAR material.


First review all the necessary webMethods material/documentation uploaded in the Advantage website… and then if you face any technical issues post that query here…Users here can definetely guide you…

Please dont post just simple one line questions…I have noticed in the other posts of yours.Hope you got my point…


GEAR is an acronym for the phases of the Integration Lifecycle — Gather Requirements, Explore, Assemble, and Rollout. GEAR was the name of the original webMethods methodology, which is now part of the overall webMethods best practices.

From webMethod’s GEAR document introduction