What is Broker CleanUp?

What is Broker CleanUp?

What is your Broker version and any core fixes?

When any errors happen, are you seeing any high CPU and Memory usage in your production Broker Server?

If you see any issues with the logs/memory You can increase the Broker storage memory and additional data storage files any time up to 32GB storage.

Currently do you see any issues in the performance or errors in your IS logs?

Cleaning up old transactions from webMethods Broker. What are you looking for :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response.
I am using webMethods Broker Version 8.2. I want to know what exactly broker cleanup activity means.
If the Outbound doc store is full (when the broker is not available, published docs will store in Outbound doc store), And if IS still publishing the docs, then where the IS will store the docs?

Thanks Mahesh, I want to know where the old transaction will be stored and how can i clean them?

As we know Broker is very important component in webMethods. If it gets down it impacts our messages badly. Hence we have to make sure always it has enough space, in case if not we have to clear the docs/msg’s which have been piled up in the client Q’s. Clearing of this docs technically you can say Broker clean up. If Broker Outbound doc store gets full and if still docs/msg’s are arriving then IS won’t accept those ( it means those are gets deleted ).

Thank you MR as173d,
I got a valid point. We should not let the IS delete incoming docs, if Outbound doc store is full. All are necessary docs. Do we have any alternative to increase the store size dynamically?
And If outbound doc store is full, do we get any notification like error message in log?

“Publishing delayed while outbound store is draining. Service: {0}”
Is this related to above issue?


You can write some custom service, which keeps checking the size of existing files, if they are crossing some limit then execute some script which doubles the size of existing file ( I mean creating a new file of size ~ double the size of old file).



Additional to above comments,

After the outbound document store reaches capacity, the server “blocks” or “pauses” any
threads that are executing services that publish documents. The threads remain blocked
until the server begins draining the outbound document store.

The “watt.server.control.maxPersist” server parameter determines the capacity of the
outbound document store.

You can use below service to get number of documents present in outbound document store.


output string “curDocsInOutboundClientSideQueue” contains the required result.

You can manually increase the size of outbound document store as follows:

IS Admin–>Settings–>Resources–>Store Settings–>Edit Document Store Settings–>Outbound Document Store

I would like to add few points here…

Outbound document store is something which is part of Integration Server & not Broker server. When broker is not available to retrieve the documents, the messages that are published are being stored in Outbound document store.

watt.server.publish.drainCSQInOrder - This parameter is used to drain the documents that are queued in IS.

Thus, the entire space allocated for IS can be consumed by Outbound document store, and if there is no space for Outbound document store, IS by itself would hang at some point as it doesn’t have any space to process any request…

Coming back to the initial question of, what is Broker cleanup means?

There are two parameters available in awbroker.cfg file


These parameters are used to clean up documents in the client queues & forward queues. For more information on these parameters, kindly refer Administering Broker from Software AG documentation.