What is AppMesh, really?

What exactly is AppMesh, and how it works?

You might have seen the term here and there, but do you know what it does for you and why you need it?

Learn why we started with AppMesh and how it could help you make a difference in better understanding and running your microservices architectures:

  1. Two reasons why we started with AppMesh

  2. East-West vs. North-South? Why Choose?
  3. Service Mesh or API Gateway?
  4. Avoid the Death Star Architecture
  5. Who Meshes the Service Mesh?
  6. Is API Gateway going through midlife crisis?
  7. Ready to get started? Learn how to Install, Configure and Build with AppMesh in 15 minutes:

Watch the full playlist here.

About webMethods AppMesh

AppMesh extends the webMethods API Management platform to manage microservices as well as APIs. Some of the key benefits are:

  1. Application owners can manage microservices-based applications in the cloud. Deep understanding of how the app is used helps put focus on the right features. Capture and analyze all interactions so you can personalize your app and make it more "sticky". Then apply contextual policies to refine consumer targeting without changing a line of code.
  2. IT leaders can govern apps centrally. Every microservices is automatically exposed as an API, so you can enable reuse, governance, service consumption, landscape management & integration all from a single location.
  3. Developers and architects can deliver without disruption. Using API policies, you can modify how existing services behave, add access and data security, and add new functionality without modifying, testing, and redeploying microservices. Deeper visibility and centralized metrics make debugging faster and easier.

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