What are the important points which I need to know?

Hi all,

I am very new to webMethods. I am working on Broker. Actually, In my Interface I need to subscribe to a Document and process it and send it to SAP. So, What are the questions I need to keep in mind?

I have few…If you guys can add to it …it would be more helpful.

  1. I need to have the published Broker document on my side in order to subscribe it or atleast the structure.(How can I ask it…)

  2. Do I need to know the Broker Name and on which port it is running? In what way this can be helpful?

  3. If the document is published on certain time. Lets say 2 am. Can I subscribe to it at 3 am. Is it possible?

  4. How to minimize the process time…I mean to subscribe and to process it. Other than…writing the code,Is there anything which I need to configure at server level?

I just want to know the basic questions which we can raise when we are subscribing a document and processing it.


Other than posting here, what is your strategy for learning about Broker?


Hi Carlson,

I want to have a clear idea of the requirements to learn Broker(Publish/Subscribe) at Enterprise level. Like what are the things that we need to consider when we are implementing the Broker in an Organization. So, that it would be more easy to work on once we know what things might effect the implementation of this concept.

I think I am not supposed to raise this question here in this section. I apologize for that.

If anyone can just give their thoughts. It would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,

Have you located and studied the Broker documentation? Focus on the publish/subscribe developer’s guide available on advantage.webmethods.com. Broker Administrator’s guide and SAP Adapter User’s Guide may also be useful.

Posting “teach me what I need to know” questions on a technical discussion forum will not yield much in the way of helpful information.