What are the essential setting on the IS to deploy a model?


Can anyone please tell me waht are the essential settings needed on the wM IS(7.1) to deploy a model using the designer.

I think ProcessAudit and ProcessEngine are only needed.

Could anyone let me know is there anything else required for this.

Many Thanks in advance…


Well that’s pretty much it to deploy the model, i mean process engine and process audit database setting and on designer point your DB pool setting to use the IS JDBC connection pools.
Though when you create a deisgner it create a logical server entry automatically, but if you want to migrate this model to different environment using deployer (later), u might need to add logical server entry on http://hostname:port/WmDesigner.

Hi DevExpert,

Now I just got struck with one more issue.I deployed the model and after that i went into the MWS to enable the model and i was not able view the deployed model there.
Could you please help me…

Thanks in advance…

There are few fixes available for the similar issues where process key lenght is more certain lenght (can’t recall now). Additionally if you have configured optmize then check your AE conneciton if its successfully connected.

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