Wfw processes donbt appear in wM Monitor


I’m using wM Workflow 6.0 and MS SQL Server 2000. Process logic works fine, but processes don’t appears in the wM Monitor (Process Models Query window). I reviewed tables, JDBC pooling, and extended keys, and everything seems to be Ok according the documentation.

Additionally, custom data logging is not working. Any idea, please?



Can you make sure again data logging to Audit log (database)?If so then might be some db connection problem between workflow and wM Monitor when accessing the data and visualises.

Generally wmMonitor retrieves the information by querying from database or Process audit logs(wM Modeler).


Please check that the Broker that your WF Server is connected to has Document Type Logging enabled. You can check this through the Broker Administrator (WmBrokerAdmin) DSPs.

After that, check that an IS connected to this same Broker has the Logging Utility installed and enabled. You can do this from the LU homepage (http://localhost:5555/WmLogUtil).