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Quite a number of years ago I began using Microsoft Word on my Macintosh. A friend told me about a publication called Inside Word. I called the number he gave me and had a complimentary copy sent, along with a subscription form. I was impressed by the knowledge of the staff writing Inside Word, and the rather free and easy style of the publication. Since they encouraged participation, I soon had several articles published. When I recommended Inside Word to another Natural consultant, he mused that it was too bad that something like that didn’t exist for Natural.

Too bad indeed. It took me about ten seconds to realize he was right, and another ten seconds to decide to publish Inside Natural. It then took me about four months to produce a Marketing Sample (the somewhat rare Volume 1 Number 0).

That was in 1990. The first “real” issue, Volume 1 Number 1, appeared in February of 1991. We are now more than halfway through our second decade of publication. It has been a real learning experience for me; trying to ascertain what level the readership wanted to see; the ins and outs of publishing; learning Pagemaker for the Mac and PC; interfacing with the Natural Development staff in Darmstadt to produce a periodic column called “mesSAGes from the Developers”; etc. The feedback from the community of subscribers has been excellent. The Readers Forum column reflects the letters, faxes, and e-mails that I get from the readership.

Inside Natural
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