WebSphere MQ adapter


I have been trying to write a message handler for a listen service on a Websphere MQ Series. During the configuration of the message handler we need to specify the value for "Shut down interval" which I have specified as 5 minutes.

The problem is that the message handler gets called every 5 mins.(which should not happen, It should be called only when a message gets inserted into the queue)

How can i overcome this problem?



What version of the adapter code are you using?
What fixes and/or service packs have been applied?

This sounds like a problem that we have had where the IBM code behaves differently when we access an empty local queue versus an empty remote queue.

I am using 3.0 WebSphere MQ adapter.
None of the service pack/fixes have been applied.

The MQ adapter was configured with a local queue.

You should apply the WSMQ Adapter service pack as soon as possible. There are a lot of problems that it fixes.