WebSphere MQ adapter in clustered environment

I have one queue on WebSphere MQ manager, two webMethods Integration servers which are running in cluster. And a listener listening to the queue on websphere MQ .

I just want to check if there is any way to ensure that the listener process the message only on one of the IS node in cluster?
Like the IS schedulers which we can instruct to run on any server/particular server in a cluster.
How can i achieve it?

I have read MQ Adpater user’s guide and there i don’t see an elaborated discussion on clustering. Also i checked if this question has been asked in this forum before, but unfortunately couldn’t find it.

Does it help?

Considerations and Requirements for Notifications in a Clustered Environment
? To ensure that documents are published exactly once, make sure the Exactly once
trigger property has Detect duplicates and Use history set to True when configuring
triggers for asynchronous notifications.
? For asynchronous listener notifications to work correctly, the MsgID field in the
MQHeader must be unique. Therefore, do not filter listeners on the MsgID field.
? Make sure the asynchronous notification’s associated publishable document type is
publishable and is defined to a Broker, not defined as local only. These properties are
defined on the document type’s Publication Properties tab.

thanks Mahesh, yes it helps to some extent.
But my question was related to listeners itself… so whenever the message is posted on a MQ queue is there any way to instruct that only the listener from the specified server will get invoked?

just wanted to understand how listener works in clustered environment? If both the IS nodes have the listeners which listens to the same queue how its determined listener from which node gets invoked?

As you know that listeners and notifications work together.