Websphere Adapter 3.0

I’m using a Listen Message Handler,

the service it invokes it’s a Flow Service,
how I have to do to catch the message, which is the type of the Input Variable I have to create in the Flow Service,

does anyone know?

thanks a lot,

Been there, done that.

You need to create your message and exception services before you generate the handler.

The message and exception service take strings called “msgbody” and “exception” respectively.

The documentation with v3.0 is vague and incorrect on the listener handler. Firstly it just gives a Java example, not a flow example as it does for the other handler types. More improtantly though, the java service specifies the input to the service as “message” which is wrong. I figured this out by saving the pipeline to a file (pub.flow:pipelineToFile) and seeing what was happening.

Make sure you have service packed your adaptor otherwise you will run into trouble.