WebSockets and MWS

A client has a need to develop some new application dashboards and is considering WebSockets with HTML5. I know that Nirvana/Universal Messaging supports delivery of messages to WebSockets clients.

Can MWS be used to create portlets that display message content received using the WebSocket protocol from UM or another low-latency messaging provider?



Hi Mark,
I do not have very good knowledge of web socket but for your query i was searching internet ( to find answer for you and can enrich my knowledge as well) and came to know that it can be implemented on JSF (so i think can be on CAF as well). Also i got JAVA API link for web socket implementation and jetty web socket api. Below is the url.


I hope before your post you would have gone through all this links on internet but still i am trying if you have missed aboveā€¦ :wink: