Webservice called by browser

I am making the following test, I am calling a webservice for browser to make a test, only that I am having problems due the organization of directories, when alone I have one level of directory and I make the call of this form:


functions without problems, more when more than the one level of directory and I make the call of the following form:


does not find the service, has some ideia of that it is?

You know that you can test a service using the Administration web page and going to package management. You can travel to where the service is, do a “test with inputs” or a “test without inputs”. see if you can run your service that way. If it works, the just do a “view source” for your web browser and see where the form data is being posted to (action attribute of the form). Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Thanks, more I am trying to make a customer for this webservice, it are of webMethods, therefore that it would like to call for the URL in browser.


If the service is in the subfolder,then the url should be:

so,use the following url:
i think this should work.