WebMethodsMQ Connection lost if Tomcat is down

We are using IS 4.6, webMethods MQ Series Adapter 2.0 and MQ Series V 5.3 on Sun Solaris Platform. Nowdays We are having a problem with MQ connection in our Test as well as Production Enviornment after we made changes to webMethods code to call web services running on Tomcat Server. If we bring down the Tomcat, without disabling the webMethods MQ Listeners, we are loosing the connection with MQ and getting following two errors.

  1. The following errors occurred :

Next error:
[BASWMQP.0003.0020] runtime.commit - WmQueue Exception - {1}[BASWMQP.0002.0057] connection does not exist for 1129298253760-55

Call stack dump:

Service: wm.queue.runtime:commit

  1. Error occurred in the following service :

MQ Series Listener

The following errors occurred :

Next error:
[BASWMQP.0003.0030] No JMS Session Created

Call stack dump:

Callstack not available…

Rightnow we have to disable the webMethods MQ Listeners and restart Integration Server to recover, which is significantly increasing our downtime.Any ideas how to resolve this issue ?