Webmethods7 Broker not able to start

I am not able start the webmethod broker ,While starting the broker , I could see below lines.

bkr_start: Starting broker…
bkr_start: Renaming /var/opt/webmethods7/logs//broker.log
bkr_start: broker would not Start. Check the broker.log and /var/opt/webmethods7/broker/logmsgs
bkr_start awbrokermonitor was started (PID 4063412). Attempting to kill.
/opt/webmethods7/scripts/.base_scripts/broker[24]: FINAL_MES: not found.
bkr_start awbrokermonitor was started (PID 4063412). Attempting to kill with -15 (SIGTERM).
bkr_start: The awbrokermon has successfully killed.

Please check and suggest me any other options.

Hi Venkatramana,

assuming that /opt/webmethods7 is the directory being used for the installation, there should be a directory Broker underneath.

In this directoy you will find an aw_broker script, try “aw_broker start” to start the broker.

What is the exact broker version?
Broker/bin/awbroker version

Was threre a default broker instance created during installation of Broker?


Did the issue fixed?

I am also facing the same error while starting the broker

Hi Naveen,

please provide the data I have requested in my previous post to reply to Venkatramana.