Webmethods workflow

hi guys,
i wna know what is th purpose of the new product named
webmethods workflow,how is it differnt from BI.if any tips or
hva cliff notes i wld feel great.


The webM Workflow product is for integrating Human processes/interactions into your integrations. Processes involving human interaction such as error handling, multi-step approvals, peer reviews (checks and balances), multiple levels of authorities, bridging functionality gaps between systems and manually intensive tasks. Workflow is tightly integrated to the platform, it relies on Enterprise brokers for message distribution. This product compliments BI by allowing you to model human tasks in the automated business processes of BI. Workflow also uses the process monitoring functions of BI to display the status of any completed or inprocess workflows. This product is highly configurable, easy to use and can be used with BI or stand alone. The product has the concept of an java client ‘inbox’ which tasks appear for users to work on based on their roles. The forms for data entry can be displayed through a java form or through html forms using a browser. The java forms are created with the workflow product while the html forms are created outside the product with an html authoring tool such as Dreamweaver.
I hope this long winded description helps.

If Workflow can be used standalone but is configured to use Process Monitor, then all workflow process instances are shown within Process Monitor with status “Running”, even if they have finished already. Why? And how can I tell Process Monitor that they have finished?