WebMethods Workflow 615 connection to broker problems URGENT


We have installed WebMethods Workflow 6.1.5 on production environment and we are facing problems with broker connectivity. The following is the set up done:-

  1. Workflow configured successfully using the Workflow Configurator. This procedured went thru successfully without any errors.
  2. The Workflow Administrator shows that all the internal servers are started successfully (Their health is shown as good by the green icons)
  3. The Workflow Server started successfully

But when we start the Workflow process thru a menu, the behaviour is unpredictable.
a) The task is available in the Inbox. But when the task is clicked, a pop up message comes up as the task is not available.
b) Sometimes triggering the menu, does not even bring up the task in the Inbox. We have developed a custom Inbox

The Workflow server log shows that it has lost connectivity to broker and there are lots of socket connection exception.

Some workflow processes are implemented with Workflow implementation modules. We also notice that when a broker document is published, the associated workflow process is not triggered

I have enclosed the server log as a reference. Has anybody faced such similar problems. Since the deployment is in production, I really appreciate a quick response.

servermgrlog1.txt (32.1 k)

Is the same broker being used on multiple integration Servers?if so,enable wmLogUtil Package only on one IS and disable this package on the rest of the IntegrationServers.This might solve the problem.