Iam using SoftwareAG8.2 Version,iwas installed WMPRT Package in IS,but it is showing same fragment error for the process in build&upload.

i was attached the error file and also processfile screen shots,so please check it out and give me a solution…

Hi Venkatesh,

can you provide the corresponding entries in the server.log from the IS too?

Additionally it will be good a idea to verify the settings in designer preferences if it is able to connect to the IS (logical server) as well as to the corresponding process audit database.

Please check also the following settings in the IS:

Settings → JDBC-Pools → Process Engine & Process Audit
Settings → Remote Server

Packages → Management → WmDesigner (Logical Server will be associated to the Remote Server here).

Additionally it will be helpful to have the exact Fix-Levels for IS, ProcessEnginge/ProcessRuntime as well as for Designer.


Hi Venkatesh,

It seems your IS does not have WmPRT package or it is not enabled, as per log.



Try re-loading WmPRT package from IS or from designer. You can try to restart the IS (if you have not attempted to do :))