webMethods suite installation

When Installing 7.1 IS, there seen two options Install as a) Application b)Service. I was wondering, whats the difference between these two option and how it would differentiate the installation and impact.

Appreciate any response!

This applies to Windows only. Installing as a service registers IS as a Windows Service (by default, an Automatic one I think). Installing as an application means that the IS is started through running the executable or batch file in the bin directory. Note that the service uses some registry entries to locate and then wrap the invocation of the batch file (so changes such as setting the JVM in the batch file are effective for the service based invocation as well as running as an application).
Other minor points:

  • - You can still run the batch file standalone if the service is registered,
    - The LOCKFILE created in the installation directory is checked in the batch file so it affects the service as well (service starts then immediately exits if LOCKFILE already exists),
    - and FYI, though I can’t remember how to install the service after you’ve chosen to install as an application, that is possible.

webMethods7\IntegrationServer\support\win32\installSvc.bat installs & uninstalls the windows service for IS. You can edit the batch file to change the service name - for instance if you have more than one IS on the machine.

Hi… there is a lot difference b/w two options
-if u install as a Application ,u have to start the IS manually.
-But if u install as a N/T service IS will start automatically once the server is up.

Coming to Impact

if u install as a Application ,u have to start the IS manually and hence server performace will be good unitl u start IS.

and if u install as a N/T service ,u need not start the IS very time manually.