webMethods suite - clone


We have an integration environment with webmethods 7.1.3 suite (Broker, IS, MWS, Data Collector, Analytic Engine, Prediction Engine) installed.

The webmethods suite is installed on /dev0/webmehtods713/

Now we have different projects (containing task apps, service, processes, connections, etc) that we would like to deploy on different environments.

Installing a new webmethods suite (lets say on /dev1/webmethods713/) takes lot of time and patience.

The ideal solution would be to clone the existing environment (webmethods components + DB) and just update the configurations (hosts, ports, filepaths, connections…).

Does anyone know if such a practice is supported by SAG (guidelines, tips, steps to follow…)?

Or has some one did it before?


Replicating IS is pretty easy. Very few changes (hostname, port num, cluster settings, broker settings, Pool settings if using different pool) in configurations needs to be performed. Replicating MWS is also not very complicated but needs almost complete reconfiguration (DB Settings, Cluster settings)

For IS you probably need to change the contents of server.sh and ini.cnf. If you use jcode you need to change jcode.sh as well. If some IS are connected to the same broker you should to delete dispatch.cnf (and it’s backup) and reenter the broker definition manually. If you keep the dispatch.cnf it keeps the internal id IS identifies to Broker, and this must be unique, even in a cluster (this is not the client id which defines the queue).