WebMethods Source Control and Release Management


We are currently evaluating CrossVista TEAM Server for webMethods Source Control and Release Management, looks really solid so far, and provides many features, but will like to get some feedback on the product from real world experience


Hi There,

CrossVista is great offering provided you know what you are looking for. I particularly loved the remote deployment feature on any site.

Crossvista TEAM Server is the only fully integrated Application Lifecycle Management solution built specifically for the webMethods product suite.

Key features of TEAM Server/TEAM Client
• Version Control
• Change Management
• Configuration Management
• Release Management

By combining all these features TEAM Server allows users to easily manage all changes throughout the application development lifecycle and across the webMethods product suite.

Crossvista’s methodology uses a “Release” to manage changes across all stages of the application development lifecycle.

let me know if you are looking at a particular feature.

Have been using CrossVista from the past 3 years and so far so good.


Can you throw some light on how the repositories are setup.

Do you use seperate repo for DEV, TEST , UAT and PROD
if there is shared packages and multiple team working on it in parallel. What is the best way to setup ? Any best practice recommendation would be of great help.


Are you asking about Deployer Repositories?

Also you can review the Deployer user guide for more information on the setup and ABE/AssetPublisher for shared repo’s.

And check this related link too: