webMethods SharePoint adapter service to operate on multiple libraries at one site


We have a SharePoint site with below structure

–Document Library 1
–Document Library 2

–Document Library n

We have a Sharepoint adpater connection defined for the site and whereas when we try to create an adapter service to work on the document library, on the adapter service template, we have to choose the “Document Library” on “List name”.

Is there a way to have a common adapter services, which can act on all Document Libraries (Document Library1,Document Library2…Document Library n)?

Or Do we have any way to pass the “List name” during Run time of executing the adapter service?

Ravindran V

I think this feature is not yet available in SharePoint Adapter. There is no way to runtime dynamically change the associated document library. This is different from the WmART based adapters like JDBC, SFDC, SAP or MQ adapter.

You might want to reach out to SAG for confirmation. If confirmed, you will need to raise a feature request, and wait for the product manager to assess and reach out to you.