WebMethods ServiceNet

Hi All, Does any one know about the release of the product ServiceNet and its features? I was informed that our client wants to implement it as soon as it is released. So i wanted to know about its features additional to the fabric so that we can plan the integrations according to that. Does any one know where to find about this as i tried out the advantage site and was not successful.
Thanks in Advance


Good question. I know that a few customers (and WMUsers members) are working with the FCS release of ServiceNet 6.5. Perhaps they can expand on my response.

Here’s what I know about the enhancements over Fabric 1.0.2:

  • Service registry supports UDDI v3 []Controller component uses Optimize quality of service (QoS) capabilities to measure service performance and maintain database of performance history []Can define alerts based on performance rules []Can define SLA’s (consumer-specific alerts) based on performance rules []Uses MyWebmethods portal rather than Flash-based console [*]WS-Security support via XML encryption, XML digital signature and SAML-based assertions

I had thought that ServiceNet 6.5 would become generally available in December 2005, but it appears that this may not be the case.