Webmethods SAP listener

Hi All
I am new to SAP adapters and notifications can some one help me with steps to create listener for SAP.

Hi Vikas,

Please go through SAG documentation - webMethods SAP Adapter for details on the creation of listeners.

Link to SAG Documentation: https://documentation.softwareag.com/

Let us know if any issues you face while doing the same.

Firoz N


For the case you have further questions please provide the following informations:

version of IS and SAP Adapter incl. Fixes already applied to the same.
version of the JCO and IDoc libraries (you will require an account for SAP Marketplace for downloading them).


Hi Vikas,

For Adapter connection:

Create the SAP adapter connection with SAP server details (SAP server hostname/IP, system number, clientid, system number). this will ensure, we have successful connectivity to SAP system from webMethods to SAP system.

For Listener:
Create the SAP listener using SAP connection configured.
while creating the listener, provide the required sap server details like programid, gateway host, gateway service (it will start with sapgw.

once successfully configured the listener, it will ensure to listen the sap gateway port to receiving the incoming IDoc messages.

For Listener notification:
Create the adapter listener notification from designer to configure the required Idoc which you want to receive and process it in webMethods.

Arul ChristhuRaj


Thanks Arul
it worked for me

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Thank you Vikas. good to hear that it’s working now.