webMethods JMS Solution - Single Threaded?

Is webMethods 7.1 JMS solution limited to a single thread which limits throughput. Is it possible to design a multithreaded solution using webMethods JMS Adapter?

Since this query is in the Broker JMS section I am assuming you are using the Broker as the JMS Provider. Basically, your JMS Topics and Queues are hosted on the wM Broker.

In that case, if you are subscribing to messages posted on a JMS Topic hosted on the Broker, you need to use the JMS Connection Alias with “No Transaction” if you need it multi threaded. If your JMS connection Alias is configured with Transaction it will process the messages serially (one at a time).

If you are talking about the JMS Adapter itself, then this question is in the wrong section. But I have used the JMS adapter as multi threaded without any extra activities.