webMethods.io Integration flow services not loading in my free forever Tenant

Hi Team,

webmethods.io Integration flow services are not loading and showing in my free forever tenant. Its giving error “An error occurred while processing your request. Contact support.”

Also How can i contact support for this ?

Shabd Gupta

Hi Shabd,

are there any messages in the server.log when the packages are reloaded, indicating why the flow services could not be loaded?


a common mistake is to press import in the workflow section, versus the flow service section, and try to import a flow service as a workflow (or the other way around).

I’ve made the mistake myself a few times, so I have a personal incentive to figure out how to fix this going forward :slight_smile:


@shabd.gupta08jan - please private message me (or email) the name of your tenant if you still have issues

Hi @Dave_Pemberton : the issue is resolved. Looks like it was intermittent.

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