webMethods.io Hybrid Integration Demo

Is there way to invoke or call a WF or a flowservice hosted on webMethods IO by a webMethods onprimise IS service directly ?

without Invoking rest API /soap ws / webhook of webMethods IO WF/Flowservice ?

Hi Sandeep,
You can invoke the on prem service from webmethods.io integration using on PREM Application.
But if you want to invoke webmethods.io integration from on premise then you need use the http end points of flowService\workflow .

Another option is use the messaging or JMS connection to submit the message to webmethods.io integration.

Vikash Sharma

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Is there any documentation or videos to acheive this " use the messaging or JMS connection to submit the message to webmethods.io integration"…

also I dont find queues and topics options under my webMethods IO trail version is that not included under trail ?

Hi Sandeep,
In order to get the messaging capability enabled, please contact Software AG Global Support by raising a ticket on Empower.

In this page (Cloud Messaging - webMethods.io Integration) you’ll find the info to work with cloud messaging. Bear in mind that there are certain aspects around the way you can use messaging as a hybrid integration mechanism:


if we dont have access to empower to raise a ticket ? is there any alternative ?

You may request an Empower account by clicking the help icon on the upper-left corner of the UI and then you’ll need to click on Request Empower Access link as shown below.

Empower access is restricted to Software AG Customers and Partners with active maintenance agreements. To request access, please complete the form below. Requests are normally processed within 1-2 business days. Please review our FAQ if you have any questions.



The messaging functionality is not available for trial / free forever customers.

Kind regards

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