webMethods.io Embed - Embeddable Workflow Editor: Power-Up Your Dev Portals, iMaaS's with Embedded iPaaS

webMethods.io Embed - Embeddable Workflow Editor: Power-Up Your Dev Portals, iMaaS’s with Embedded iPaaS

Why Embedded iPaaS?

Enterprises are looking at building organization-wide cloud developer platforms which will enable developers and partners empowered with modern infrastructure technologies that enable them to create secure, scalable solutions for enterprises and their end consumers. The main intent of these platforms is to automate the basic setup, provide plug-and-play basic/core services and advanced reusable services to help developers to innovate, integrate(be it be enterprise’s own products, applications, and solutions or 3rd party ones) and extend applications to achieve faster time to market with the best customer experience.

On the other hand the SaaS product vendors are facing the challenge of basic buy criteria from prospects being the number of integrations the product vendor provides with 3rd party SaaS apps or on-premise apps, as well as from existing customers whose 3rd party app portfolio is increasing on a daily basis. The SaaS product vendors build vs buy assessment will 99.99999% leads to buy(partner) with an iPaaS vendor to provide out of the box customizable integrations with 3rd party applications as well as the ability for partners, customers to create their own, and embedded into their own products, dev portals and marketplaces in a native way without compromising their brand experience*.

In both the above cases the idea is to not only to provide these capabilities but also create an ecosystem with the integration capabilities to developers, partners and customers to drive business growth in various avenues.

Software AG’s webMethods.io Embed an embeddable iPaaS - empowers Enterprises and SaaS product vendors to achieve their business goals mentioned above in an embedded way be it be with the plug and play, APIs, and Embed SDK features.

How To?

Here is an example of an Enterprise’s own cloud developer platform aka Developer Portal to enable developers and partners to innovate, integrate and extend applications with the webMethods.io Embed Workflow Editor embedded into the developer portal to create integrations between their own enterprise applications, products, solutions and/or with any 3rd party apps, products, solutions without compromising the Enterprise’s brand experience

  • Developer Portal with the user interfaces to create integrations, share integrations for reuse and manage integrations with anyone is created leveraging the webMethods.io Embed APIs and SDK with the enterprise’s own brand experience
  • Embed the webMethods.io Embed Workflow Editor in 2 simple steps in your product, applications, and marketplaces once this feature is enabled on your tenant as below:

    • Unzip the Embedded Workflow Editor micro web app into your application or product code base and

    • Embed the Workflow Editor as part of your application or product code by using the below snippet of code.

  app.use(express.static(path.normalize(path.join(__dirname, 'byow','dist')), { maxAge: 86400000 }));
app.get('/projects/:project_uid/workflows/:workflow_uid/edit', function (req, res) {
   res.sendFile(path.normalize(path.join(__dirname, 'byow' ,'dist', 'index.html')));

  • webMethods.io Embedded Workflow Editor within a developer portal of an enterprise with their own brand experience

That’s it !! You, Your Developers, Partners and Customers are ready to innovate, with webMethods.io Embedded iPaaS capabilities and achieve faster time to market, drive business growth via ecosystems without compromising your brand experience

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