webMethods.io API - Identify & Authorize Application using JWT

We have a requirement identify client Application using JWT.

The REST API is created, “Identify & Authorize Application” is configured as follows:

• Condition: OR

• Allow anonymous: false

• Identification Type: JWT
• Application Lookup Condition: Registered applications

The REST API is consumed using an Application and below are the Application properties
• Identifiers: Claims ( {“id”: “0001”})
• API access key

{“Exception”: “API Gateway encountered an error. Error Message: Unauthorized application request. Request Details: Service - , Operation - /<operation_name>, User - Default and Application:sys:defaultApplication”}

Hi Ayoub,
Please check the below article for pre-requisites and steps for configuring JWT. Securing APIs using JSON Web Token in API Gateway

If you are trying this on on-premise API Gateway you can also check the server logs for any additional information. Hope this helps.


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