Webmethods Integration with RMS(RIB)


In our project, we are having to integrate webMethods with Oracle RMS(RIB). We have set up a JNDI and placed all the jars in the respective webMethods installation folder.

We are successfully able to connect to RIB and the message is reaching RIB and processed successfully by RMS.

But now the issue here is, there are some temporary queues, table, sequence, index is getting created with the user account in the dba_objects table used by ESB. We have observed two times the objects are created during the RIB connectivity down and up(during the RIB database restart). I could see below the log in the server during the temporary object creation.

*020-10-17 02:58:01 BST [ISS.0134.0016E] JMS Connection Error on connection “MO_JMS_RIB_XA_TRANSACTION_CONNECTION_01”: javax.jms.JMSException: java.sql.SQLRecoverableException: IO Error: Connection reset

2020-10-17 02:58:01 BST [ISS.0134.0998E] [REQ_REPLY] Stopping Listener for alias: JMS_RIB_XA_TRANSACTION_CONNECTION_01

2020-10-17 02:58:02 BST [ISS.0134.0007I] JMS connection alias JMS_RIB_XA_TRANSACTION_CONNECTION_01 has started

Did anyone face this kind of issue before? Any idea or workaround to sort out this issue?

I have attached the relevant JNDI set up, JMS connection setup and the temp objects.