webMethods integration upgrade to newer version

Hello Community

I would like to know how can we upgrade webMethods to newer version?

I am currently using webMethods integration 10.11 free trial version and the newer version 10.15 is expected to be available this week.

I currently don’t have any prior experience of migration/upgrade from older version to newer version.

I would appreciate if Tech community members can help me understand what are different options to upgrade to newer version (once newer version is available for download)?

Do I simply need to run newer version installer and it will do required migration/upgrade? or do I need to do it manually (by running some background scripts or replacing specific files etc)???

If possible, please mention sequence of steps (for migration) at high level so that I can at least get some direction to start the process.


I’m unsure if you can upgrade a trial version, but I don’t see why not - do wait for someone to answer this.

Having said that, since your question is generic, you can start with the concepts and documentation -

  1. Supported Upgrade Paths (link) - your path is supported, but I’ve provided the link for completeness
  2. Pre-Upgrade Analyzer (link)
  3. Upgrade Documentation for all products - (link).
  4. A brief write-up that gives you the big picture (link)


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Thanks Kasi for your reply. I am going through links you shared.

Meanwhile, as you suggested, I’ll wait for comments from other community folks as well on this topic. I’ll appreciate comments/advice from other community members

To add some more details to my initial query, following are the webMethods components that I can see installed as part of current (10.11) free trial version:

  1. IS
  2. UM

Currently I want to upgrade at least above mentioned 3 components to newer version (10.15 trail version) once it is available for download.

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