WebMethods in 7.x

Where we can see the broker settings in Administrator console in webMethods 7.x version.

on MWS administration menu ( Administration --> Messaging)
there you can find all the broker administration options.



You can also view broker settings under Integrated Server Administrator page. Under Settings | Messaging section, you can edit broker settings and view it under broker configuration.


Well those are 2 different places to check broker but with diffent roles as well.

1- Integrated Server Administrator page -> Under Settings -> Messaging : This is to define the Broker used for that particular IS, and you have a view for triggers used from that IS.

2- MWS -> Administration -> Messaging: You define or discover broker servers and manage logical brokers.
MWS -> Monitoring -> Messaging: You can display all the information related to the brokers added.

MWS and IS have different functionality concerning Broker.
Just remember WmBrokerAdmin is no longer in this version, all that is moved to MWS.