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Good article. I prefer to use the IDataUtil class for
parsing the IData object since you can retrieve the desired
value in one line rather than two. I have also gotten into
trouble using ‘first’ when trying to reset an existing
pipeline variable.

So we can replace the following two lines:

String price = (String)idcItem.getValue();


String price = IDataUtil.getString(idcItem,“Price”);

There are other API calls for getting IData records, arrays,


Good suggestion.

The cursor position after a first returned false was not
defined in the initial release of IData (I believe this was
IS 3.5). So code like:

String price = (String)idcItem.getValue();

could return unexpected results if first returns false and
the cursor was positioned off the end of the data set or if
it was left were it was before the first call.

String price = null;
if (idcItem.first(“Price”))
price = (String)idcItem.getValue();

force the behavior that most people expect. IDataUtil.get
provides this behavior in one line.

Great Suggestions! Thanks!