Webmethods download problem


I am facing while downloading webMethods.Every time I start download it stops after 30 0r 40 %.I am creating an image first. I have tried both with 6.5 and 6.1 version.The installer says that WM is installed successfully.
Another thing when I try to install from the image,it asks for license keys.For IS,it works even if we dont give any key, but for broker I cant bypass it.Now where to get the key from.
I sent mail to Keymaster but no response.May be they provide keys only to customer. But I am not customer.I just want to download and try the software.Then how should I get the SW installed.

Please help me out.

Thanks in advance

Hi Munish,

You need a valid license to install IS & Broker. If this is for a local install, please check with the organization you work for, for the licences. Also follow up with the keymaster, if he can provide you with a trial license.

Are you using any proxy in your network? If you are, then use the section “Use Proxy Server” under the “Servers” tab of the installer (Advance options) and state your proxy information there before starting the download.

Good luck,