webMethods Developer issue with Adapter service

Hello everyone!
I have strange issue with my WM package… After some time he left off to work. After short investigation I’ve find out that all stored procedures names in adapter services are changed, but I didn’t change it! To it I already ran into a similar problem but I do not know that caused it, I think it is webMethods bug. A problem decides if you manually change names of procedures in adapter services and than save changes… I’m currently use WM 6.5 release (IS & WM Developer) without any service pack’s. Maybe you know conditions which caused these problems, and how to fix it.

Need some more info. Are you able to see the stored proc name?
If you are able to see the stored proc name is it corrupt?
Check whether the JDBC connection is enabled.


Yes, it is corrupt, i.e. stored procedure have wrong name. You see - when I open the adapter service it opens in ‘edit mode’ but I don’t locking it for edit (as usually needed)! When I try to close adapter service editor – WM Developer want to save changes, but I don’t make any changes at any adapter…! So, if not to save a change (when you open adapter service) - a package continues to work (‘correctly’, but with wrong procedure name). But if we promote these packages to another environment – the wrong stored procedures names are saved and we receive errors. And also I found that ‘corrupted’ adapters takes top first stored procedure from available… (we are use SQL Server 2005). JDBC connection is enabled.

Did you update the JDBC drivers? is this part of the migration? do you have the latest JDBC adapter fix 16 applied? This sounds more like a migration of the back end system and the JDBC drivers were updated as part of it and the WM is failing to talk to the updated drivers but again there is not enough info to confirm this.

are you talking to MSSQL server 2000?

I’m sorry, I forgot about this post.
Are you upgrading wM? We had similar problem with SQL 2005 DB. We had to recreate the adapter services. Ticket is still open with wM.If you are not upgrading check the jdbc drivers.

Thanks for your reply! :slight_smile:
You’re right - we are also using SQL Server 2005 DB and some time before we are make WM upgrade. I’ve also open ticket on ‘WM advantage’ four days ago and it still opened as yours. So - the only way as I see it’s recreate adapter service… :frowning:

We experience the same issue with SQL server 2005 on WM 6.5.
One workaround is to set “Enable Procedure Name Lookup” to False and type in the Procedure Name mannually. After you saved the service, it won’t have the issue anymore